We know how much you love us and how you love our work, your recommendations have made us grow amazingly and ... guess what? The time to reward you has come

Affiliate program

Being part of this program you can get your tattoos for free, earn extra cash, or give away discount coupons, We’ve got your back and all your friends’ backs too.



The redemption value for cash back is calculated at a conversion
rate of 60%.



The redemption value for non-cash back items is 1:1 ratio. $1 Reward Dollar = $1 value.



You can redeem cash when ever your Reward dollars Balance is
$100.00 or more.

How it works


Get started by filling out our simple application, You'll hear from us within a few of days.


You know the drill. Share your affiliate code across your favorite network.


You’ll earn for each successful referral you make

Get up to $100 per referred


The amount you earn could be used in full to pay for your next tattoo or piercing, without a penny coming out of your pocket.

Give a 10% off coupon


Someone close to you will love it, be an authorized member of us to give away discount coupons. you will earn money along the way

Industrial Art Bayonne

Keep referring and keep earning!

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