You must be at least 18 years of age to get tattooed at any of our studios, we “DO NOT” tattoo any minors, (not even with parental consent)!! For piercing, if you come by yourself, you must be at 18 or be at least “15 to get pierced with parental consent”. For any Piercing of a minor, a “Parent or Legal Guardian must be present” to sign a consent form. Proof of positive, state issued photo identification is required from the Parent or Legal Guardian, and a Birth Certificate from the Minor. In the event the parent has a different last name and/or address from the child, Court Documentation is needed to prove the relationship, i.e., divorce papers, or a remarriage certificate. If parents have been divorced, “only the parent with Legal Custody” of the minor will be able to sign the consent form.

The majority of our customers say that it’s more “Irritating” than painful but everybody has different tolerance levels.

Well, it’s only irritating for the first few minutes, after a while the skin adjusts to the feeling and feels numb.

As the old saying goes “Cheap tattoos are not good, and good tattoos are not cheap”. —- Our price rates start at $60. —- There is a $10 extra charge for any work done “off” the arm. —- There is a $10 extra charge for every name added to the tattoo. —- All displayed flash is individually priced. —- Any large or custom work is priced accordingly, usually hourly. —- (We require a $50 deposit for any custom drawing, if you get the tattoo with us the deposit is deducted from the final price of the tattoo. If for any reason you decide not to get the tattoo with us, we keep the deposit as a drawing fee). (Large custom drawings such as “sleeves”, “whole backs”, “whole fronts”, etc. require a larger drawing deposit).

No, you do not need an appointment for “average size pieces or piercings”. We take walk ins on a first come first serve basis usuallyuntil 1 hour before closing time or depending on how busy we are that day, it also depends on the size of the piece that you want to get done. You should try to come in as early as you can, coming in towards the end of the walk in hours, does not guarantee you that you will get tattooed or pierced that night. We prefer to schedule appointments for large size pieces. We DO NOT take any appointments over the phone or via e-mail, to set up an appointment, you must come in person, we need to figure out what you want to get, how long (more or less) it will take, etc… this usually requires a consultation with the artist. (It advisable that you call before coming to the studio to make sure that the artist that you chose will be available for a consultation with you)!!

Absolutely not! The sun will dry out your tattoo and this can result in scarring. Salt water as well as chlorine will bleach out the color while the tattoo is healing. You should also abstain from soaking a healing tattoo in a Jacuzzi or bath tub. You can definitely go swimming in the OCEAN with a new piercing, this will actually help promote the healing of a new piercing. The pool is not recommended because of all the chemicals in the chlorine at least in the beginning stages of a healing piercing.