How To Take Care Your New Tattoo

The instructions could vary between different tattoo studios and even artists of the same studio, because these are based on the experience of each one, but it is very important to carefully follow the instructions of the person who performed the tattoo since each tattoo has your own naturalness, if this is color or black and gray or if this is a covering, your artist could give you additional tips for your specific tattoo

1.- Bandage.

Once your tattoo has been covered with you should keep the plastic between 2 to 5 hours, if the tattoo was finished at night you may be suggested to keep it for the whole night, this will make it more comfortable while you sleep and avoid it (due to the plasma that comes out of your tattoo) the skin sticks to the sheets of your bed.

2.- Washing

Once you remove the plastic or bandage it will be necessary to wash immediately with some antibacterial soap or specialized soap for the care of tattoos, to dry use a towel that leaves no residue, avoid rubbing and leave it like that for a couple of hours

3.- Application of moisturizer

After 1 or 2 hours of washing and making sure you keep it clean it will be important that you use some cream to keep it hydrated, DO NOT use Vaseline, if you have at home Aquaphor would be a good option, also keep in mind that today there are some specialized products for tattoo care such as Tattoo Goo, H2Ocean Cream, Aquatat etc with qualities designed specifically for this use. These products can also be found in Industrial Art in Bayonne, use it 2 to 4 times a day for approximately 10 days to keep it hydrated and the skin regains its natural texture. It is important that you use a very thin layer to avoid clogging the pores and thus your skin can breathe normally

4.- Keep the Tattoo Clean

Clean, and dry is key .. avoid submerging yourself in the water like swimming pool, ocean, jacuzzi, if the conditions of your work demand to have covered, avoid that this rose directly on the tattoo, a non-tight layer of Gaza and medical tape could help you

5.- Avoid direct sun rays

Tante the tattoos of color or white and gray can become opaque because of the sun, so it is very important to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Once fully cured Industrial Art recommends using a high SPF sunscreen whenever you are going to be under the sun’s rays, this will help in a great way that your tattoo always looks fresh from vibrant colors

6.- Be patient

Keep in mind that the healing time varies in each person, and type of tattoo, it is necessary that you follow carefully the instructions of your artist, it will begin to itch and you should not scratch it, wet it with warm water, it will help to calm down. If it is necessary to retouch it is normal, especially in complicated areas such as the elbow, hands, feet, communicating with your artist and he can schedule an appointment to retouch it if necessary

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