What To Do The Day Of Your Tattoo

What To Do The Day Of Your Tattoo

photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Many people think that getting a tattoo is just going on the day of the appointment or the day that you chose for this and do it, but they do not take some very important precautions for that day, conditions that are important so that in the end, both your experience of having passed a pleasant moment like the art that you wear tattooed is perfect

photo by Kelly Santos from Pexels

here in Industrial Art Bayonne we will give you guidelines that could help you to make this experience unforgettable, after all that Industrial Art wants, you are part of our Family and come back soon,
Then taking into account that you have already agreed with your artist which you have previously seen your portfolio, the design are totally in agreement and only remains … get it!

1.- Not drinking alcohol the day before is very important, alcohol affects the normal circulation, makes the blood density is finer which causes you to get to bleed more making the process of the tattoo more tedious,

2. Try to rest the night before. A rested body is more tolerant of pain, although the range of tolerance of pain is different in each person you can always be better when your body has had a good rest

3.- Comfortable Clothing. On the clothes that carry the day of the tattoo Industrial Art aconceja several things for example that this is comfortable remember that maybe you will be several hours in the same position be it sitting or lying down, besides you have to keep in mind that this can always be sprinkled with ink, Or with the paper of the stencil which is very difficult to remove and can permanently damage your clothes, therefore do not use something you do not want to ruin with stains, use something that helps the area easy access to tattoo,

4.- Eating well, having eaten at least one or two hours before the tattoo is a very good idea, this will help to have your sugar levels in optimum, sometimes getting a tattoo with an empty stomach can cause dizziness, or fainting

5.- carry with you something that entertains you, A book, headsets, a tablet or phone to listen to music or see a movie are always good to make a long section of tattoo more bearable, and of course do not forget the charger

6.- Bring with you snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic)

7.- No children, it is very important not to bring children to your tattoo appointment, there are conditions in a tattoo shop that are not suitable for them, also they are often bored easily by being still or in the same place for a long time.

8.- Enjoy your tattoo !! .. and of course follow the instructions of your artist how to take care of it


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