Your All-Day Tattoo Journey at Industrial Art

From: $1,100.00

Ready to embark on an epic journey of ink and art?

Introducing The Ink Odyssey,

A curated 8-hour tattoo session designed to transform your skin into a living canvas and your day into an unforgettable artistic adventure.


Unleash Your Ink Masterpiece:

Full-Day Tattoo Immersion for 50% Off!

Dreaming of a sprawling tattoo that tells your story in permanent ink? Buckle up, ink addicts, because we’re offering the ultimate canvas transformation – an 8-hour tattoo session for only $1100! That’s 35% off the regular $210 hourly rate, meaning you can paint your skin with artistry without breaking the bank.

Here’s what awaits you on your epic ink journey:

  • 8 glorious hours of dedicated artistry: Dive deep into your tattoo vision with uninterrupted time alongside your chosen artist.
  • Collaborative masterpiece: Brainstorm, refine, and witness your idea evolve into a stunning reality through open communication and creative synergy.
  • Aftercare essentials: Leave prepared with a personalized kit to ensure your masterpiece heals beautifully and shines on.

This limited-time offer is your chance to:

  • Embark on an artistic adventure: Dedicate a full day to exploring the depths of your imagination and bringing your unique story to life on your skin.
  • Get inked by the best: Collaborate with our expert artists, known for their technical skills and artistic vision.
  • Save big: Slash your tattoo budget in half while still receiving the highest quality experience.

Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip away!

This incredible offer is available for a limited time only,

so book your full-day tattoo immersion experience today

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