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Gold Glow

  • 5 Hours Tattoo Freedom
  • Free Ear/Facial Piercing
  • Deluxe Aftercare Kit + 10% Off
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Gold Glow: Dive Deep into Your Ink Odyssey

Ready to take your body art to the next level? The Gold Glow Gift Certificate from Industrial Art is your passport to a 5-hour immersion in creative bliss. Dive deep alongside our artistic maestros, brainstorm, refine, and witness your vision evolve into permanent reality, stroke by vibrant stroke. This isn’t just a tattoo – it’s an odyssey of self-expression.

But the journey doesn’t end at the canvas! Gold Glow also unlocks:

  • Free Piercing Playground: Let your ink tell only part of your story. Choose any ear or facial piercing from our vast selection, adding a permanent spark to your narrative and letting your artistry shimmer in multi-dimensional brilliance.
  • Deluxe Aftercare Kit & More: Pamper your masterpiece with a premium aftercare kit packed with everything you need to ensure optimal healing and lasting vibrancy. Plus, score an additional 10% off any further aftercare products for ultimate artistic indulgence.

Gold Glow is the perfect choice for:

  • Aspiring ink enthusiasts ready for a deeper artistic experience.
  • Individuals seeking to complete their body art vision with a complementary piercing.
  • Those who appreciate the finer things – premium aftercare and exclusive artistic collaboration.

Give the gift of artistic immersion and permanent self-expression. Click here to let someone’s Gold Glow illuminate their ink journey!

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