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Silver Spark

  • 3 Hours Tattoo Bliss
  • 20% Off Jewelry Dazzle
  • 50% Off Aftercare Essentials
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Ready To Spark your artistic fire?

The Silver Spark Gift Certificate from Industrial Art is your gateway to 3 hours of tattoo bliss, where skilled artists collaborate with you to bring your dream design to life in vibrant detail. Imagine the thrill of seeing your vision etched onto your skin, a permanent testament to your unique spirit.

But your creative journey doesn’t end there! The Silver Spark includes:

  • Dazzling Discounts: Elevate your artistic statement with 20% off any piece of body jewelry. Earrings, nose rings, and more – find the perfect complement to your newfound ink and let your body tell a multi-dimensional story.
  • Aftercare Essentials, Half-Off Blitz: Keep your masterpiece healthy and vibrant with 50% off all aftercare essentials. Stock up on lotions, ointments, and protective bandages to ensure your art heals flawlessly and shines on, a beacon of your creative spark.

Give the gift of permanent self-expression.

Buy now to light the Silver Spark for someone special!

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